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Stained Wood Finish Samples

Stained Maple Wood Finishes

Antique Cherry on Maple

Dark Walnut on Maple

Early American on Maple

Fruitwood on Maple

Golden Oak on Maple

Golden Pecan on Maple

Jacobean on Maple

Provincial on Maple

Red Mahogany on Maple

Red Oak on Maple

Special Walnut on Maple

Stained Cherry Wood Finishes

Antique Cherry on Cherry

Dark Walnut on Cherry

Red Oak on Cherry

Fruitwood on Cherry

Golden Oak on Cherry

Golden Pecan on Cherry

Jacobean on Cherry

Provincial on Cherry

Special Walnut on Cherry

Stained Oak Wood Finishes

Antique Cherry on Oak

Dark Walnut on Oak

Early American on Oak

Fruitwood on Oak

Golden Oak on Oak

Golden Pecan on Oak

Jacobean on Oak

Provincial on Oak

Red Mahogany on Oak

Red Oak on Oak

Special Walnut on Oak

Stained Wood Finishes With Glaze

Dark Walnut with VanDyke Brown Glaze

Fruitwood with Jacobean Glaze

Golden Oak with Jacobean Glaze

Golden Pecan with Jacobean Glaze

Jacobean With Van Dyke Brown Glaze

Provincial with Special Walnut Glaze

Red Mahogany with Black Glaze

Special Walnut with Van Dyke Brown Glaze