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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand what we do at Artisan Custom Bookcases. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at (215) 817-3814 or fill out our Contact Form.

How long does it take?

Please contact us to determine our current timeframe for scheduling projects. We try our best, to keep our lead time down but our first priority is providing you with top quality work. This can not be rushed because we refuse to cut corners. Please see our Pricing & Scheduling section on the Portfolio page to see when we are currently sheduling projects.

Why do you occsionally stop Quoting Projects?

We are currently quoting and scheduling projects. Please see our Pricing and Scheduling to see our current scheduling window. Occasionally, when our backlog becomes very long (About 6 Months) we will stop quoting projects for 2-3 months and start a waiting list for those that are interested in our work. We have to do this because it is not beneficial for you or for us to be backlogged for an excessive amount of time. We would love to be able to accommodate everyone's scheduling needs. However, we have a finite production capability and we refuse to rush our time honed process. This also ensures that we do our best to deliver very high quality work on the agreed upon date. When we are not quoting projects we do apologize for the inconvenience as it would be our greatest desire to be able to work with all those that are interested in the services of Artisan Custom Bookcases. To find out if we are currently quoting project, please fill out our Contact Form.

What does it cost?

Project costs vary and it depends on many factors. We strive to price our work in the mid-range of professional custom cabinet makers while maintaining exceptionally high level of quality and service.

Will you do woodwork other then bookcases and entertainment centers?

Although we have produced just about anything that is made from wood, over the past several years we have become highly specialized. We did this so that we could provide you with a very high quality product while still maintaining reasonable pricing. As a result, our shop is set up in such a way that only allows us to produce entertainment centers, bookcases and some other projects with similar construction techniques. We can do small projects in conjunction with our entertainment centers and bookcases. This includes window seats, trim, desks, mantels etc. but, we can not take on projects that are outside of our scope of work. If you are not sure, please do not hesitate to give us a call. If we can not help you, we are more then happy to refer you to other woodworkers in the area.

Do you use particle board?

Absolutely not. We construct very, high quality woodwork and we only use solid lumber and cabinet grade veneer core sheet stock.

Do you design the woodwork?

Yes. First we start by understanding what your needs and desires are. We then make drawings for your review. Next the drawings are refined with more input from you, so that you receive exactly what you want. We can also build from your architect's or designer's drawings as well as from your photos.

What type of joinery do you use?

All work is produced using traditional jointing methods that have been around for hundreds of years. This includes dovetailed drawer boxes, dadoed case components and mortise / tendon door joints.

What type of finish do you use?

We produce both stained and painted woodwork. We can match existing work and trim. We can create distressed finishes, rub thru effects and glazing. We will use either a catalyzed lacquer or a conversion varnish depending on your needs. Both are very, durable finishes.

Do you build it in our house?

No. About 90 % of the work is completed in our woodshop including all construction and finishing. Then, completed pieces are brought to your home to be installed. Most installations take from 1-3 days.

What about outlets on the wall?

When the cabinets are installed in your home we will bring any electrical or cable outlets into the back of the cabinet. It is quick and easy.

Can you provide lighting?

Yes. We can install low voltage accent lighting in the cabinetry.

Can you do electrical work?

We can not do any electrical work except for low voltage lights that are incorporated into our cabinetry.

What can you do about floor vents?

We can work with almost any kind vent in your floor and ensure that this will not alter your home's comfort.

How do we run cords and wires to components in the cabinetry?

We will provide access holes and grommets that will allow you to run cords and cables to almost any location from an existing outlet.

What do you do about carpeting?

We can handle carpet in one of three ways depending on the situation and the type of carpet.

  1. We can cut the carpet to the profile of the cabinet and set the cabinets on the sub-floor. This is necessary to provide a strong base for the cabinet. In some cases the carpet may have to be re-stretched by a carpet company.
  2. As an alternative to the first option, we can cut slots in the carpet and then mount cabinet supports to the sub-floor. This will give the cabinets a strong foundation. This will not require any restretching of the carpet, but, if the carpeting is replaced in the future the carpet layers will have to cut the existing carpet from around the cabinetry.
  3. In some cases, it is acceptable to allow the woodwork to rest on the carpet. This is generally true when it is a small project that does not extend to the ceiling.

Should we pick out any electronic components before you start the project?

Yes. It is generally best to decide on all electronic components that you will be using in the cabinetry so that we may design the piece to suit your needs exactly. But, we can also build cabinetry that is generic; although we can not guarantee that it will work with all the electrical components that you choose at a later time.

Can we take your work with us if we move?

Typically, the work that we do is custom made for a particular room. In most cases it would not be feasible to take the project with you if you were to move. If you would like to take a project with you, and the project is conducive to such action, we can construct and secure the work in a less intrusive fashion that will allow this to happen.